DALI EPICON 6: A scalpel at its sharpest

Audio Esoterica has tested the EPICON 6 and calls it epic.

Australian magazine, Audio Esoterica, has reviewed the DALI EPICON 6, which they describe as “an overt and open speaker, a magnificent detail retriever and resolution acquirer which demands attention, and attention it gets!”

The speakers impress them with their sharpness and cleanness. “Within the context of our system and room the Epicon 6 was a scalpel at its sharpest in slicing through complex material with the cleanest of cuts”. And they add: “[…] that also translated to very fast transient attacks and a revelation in micro-detail. Seldom have I heard with such clarity the finest of minutiae from the subtlest of recordings and most delicate musicianship.

After testing the EPICON 6, their conclusion is that “DALI has achieved a remarkably detailed, transparent and dynamically lively speaker. It’s beautifully styled and finished to suit many a décor while boasting superbly engineered drivers. And it’s all built in its native Denmark. All those aspects combined make for an irresistible offering from a true speaker manufacturing giant. Epic.”

Read the full review as a PDF or at Avhub.com.au.