RUBICON 6: Awarded Editors’ Choice by The Absolute Sound (US)

The RUBICON receives the 2016 Editor's Choice Award.

In the beginning of this year The Absolute Sound reviewed the DALI RUBICON 6, which they called "a Danish delight" (read more here) and now they have included the RUBICON 6 in the 2016 Editor’s Choice Award in the category Loudspeakers $5,000-10,000.

Their reason for including the RUBICON 6 is that it: “[…] exemplifies a ripe, rich sound with outstanding upper-octave delicacy, thanks to the superb hybrid dome/ribbon tweeter configuration.” Furthermore, they note that “Blessed with considerable slam, it has a bold, effortless, near-full-range sound that can be a bit plummy in the midbass.”

The Absolute Sound concludes that the RUBICON 6 “makes a superb musical statement in its segment.”

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