DALI KATCH: Review by Grupo Appleros Multimedia (ES)

Spanish Grupo Appleros Multimedia praises the audio quality after testing our portable Blutooth speaker.

Daniel Gonzalez from Spanish Grupo Appleros Multimedia has tested the DALI KATCH and recommends it as a Christmas present.

According to Daniel, the DALI KATCH is beautifully designed and can easily be integrated with the interior of your home. Furthermore, the DALI KATCH has the highest sound, which he has heard in a portable loudspeaker. And he finds that the audio quality is better than the that of its competitive speakers. In his experience, the battery lasts up to a week with medium use, which means that it only needs to be charged once per week.

Last but not least, Grupo Appleros Multimedia thinks that it is a great Christmas present. “It is not that expensive if you think of what the speaker can do for you and your lifestyle,” Daniel concludes. 

See the full review in Spanish below. 


KATCH DarkShadow detail 03c.jpg