OPTICON 1: Keeping it real

Hometheatrereview.com praises the OPTICON 1 for its sonic performance.

Hometheatrereview.com has tested the DALI OPTICON 1, which they highlight for its beautiful build, sonic performance and easy drive. “The OPTICON 1 is a prime example of just how much performance can be finessed out of what at first appears to be a fairly standard-issue ported-box speaker,” the reviewer says. Furthermore he was impressed by the implacable dynamics of the loudspeakers. “No matter how loudly it played, the OPTICON 1’s sonic character didn’t change.”

According to the reviewer, the OPTICON 1 should be on your radar, if you are looking for a pair of speakers in this category. And he concludes: “I would say that the OPTICON 1 will give you an experience that will keep it real, 24/7.”

The full review is available here (in English).

DALI OPTICON 1 light walnut