DALI KATCH: A selection of Review Highlights

The DALI KATCH has received several praising words - read some of them here.

The internet is buzzing about the DALI KATCH, which has received many words of praise from various magazines around the world. On this page we have gathered a selection of highlights.


British Daily Mail awards the DALI KATCH with five stars concluding that it is a 'surreally' good speaker: "The KATCH sound appropriately splendid." And they continue: "It sounds ridiculously big for something one could plausibly fit in a pocket, with the aid of a shoehorn."

Read the full review at DailyMail.co.uk.



After testing the DALI KATCH, GadgetyNews emphasizes that it is a loudspeaker. "I had it in the corner of my living room and was plenty loud enough for that. Sat on the kitchen worktop it had no problem with being heard over my culinary skills, swearing and extractor fan," the reviewer elaborates. The verdict of the DALI KATCH is that "the DALI KATCH realy does perform. [...] Add the sound quality to a decent battery life and portablility, DALI has a hit." And the reviewer concludes: "[...] you can't argue about the KATCH's performance."

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