DALI OPTICON 5: An affordable and musical floor-standing speaker

The OPTICON 5 is described as very interesting in the latest review by Hifi.nl.

Hifi.nl, a Dutch hi-fi website, reviewed the OPTICON 5, which they describe as a rather small and very interesting floor-standing speaker.

Hifi.nl has tested the OPTICON 5 and finds it special in every way. It is not like the regular floor-standing 6’s and still much bigger than the usual OPTICON 2's, which is often found on the bookshelf. And the OPTICON 5 is indeed special, not only when taking the size into consideration, but also when it comes to the sound performance. Their verdict is that the OPTICON 5 is definitely worth a listen due to their great musicality, wide sound image and outstanding mid-range.

The full review is available here (in Dutch).