DALI KATCH – "This is by far the best sounding Apt-X Bluetooth speaker"

Techzine is impressed with the DALI KATCH after testing it.

Sometimes reviewers receive something so special that they need to have a thorough look at it. This is just how the Dutch tech website, Techzine, describes their first meeting with the DALI KATCH.

Review sum up:

“This is by far the best sounding Apt-X Bluetooth speaker that we have heard so far. And not just in this price range.”

Techzine compliments the KATCH for the high level of craftsmanship, and the fact that you can hear more than 30 years of experience packed into such a little speaker, they think, is simply outstanding. Regardless of the situation, the DALI KATCH sounds great and vibrant with powerful bass and the ability to fill even larger spaces. Everything simply sounds nice, well balanced and relaxing.

The full review is available in Dutch here.