OPTICON 2: A well-rounded speaker

According to audioFi.net the OPTICON 2 has an excellent soundstaging and imaging.

After testing the DALI OPTICON 2, audioFi.net highlights the loudspeakers as having a “well-balanced sound that hits the right notes without highlighting any major shortcomings. Excellent soundstaging and imaging.”

Regardles of the music genre, the OPTICON 2 delivered an enjoyable listening and with the right tonality, the speakers delivers “a rich and lush sound that you can listen to for hours without fatigue setting in,” according to the reviewer. “It isn’t a “warm-sounding” speaker per se – it is for the most part neutral, with just a slight leaning towards warmth,” he continues.


The performance of the speaker amazes the reviewer. “Vocals and acoustic sound really good, but this is a pair that can rock out when called upon.”  And his verdict of the pair of loudspeakers is that “The OPTICON 2 is a very well-rounded speaker that simply sounds good and may even push past your expectations. It has a pleasant, balanced sound makes music sound “right” rather than try true impress with some extra boom and tizz.”


The full review is available in English here.