DALI OPTICON 5.1: Great for both music and movies

Hifi.nl has tested an OPTICON 5.1 setup and praises its high-quality performance for both music and movies.

The Dutch hi-fi website, Hifi.nl, had a close encounter with an OPTION 5.1 surround system, consisting of two OPTICON 6's, two OPTICON 2's, a OPTICON VOKAL and a SUB K-14 F.

According to them, the OPTICON 5.1 setup combined with a SUB K-14 F delivers a smooth sound stage, which creates a very intense cinema feeling. The OPTICON speakers are blessed with a high level of musicality, something that also shows in movies. And as the cherry on the top, the loudspeakers have a sophisticated look, which matches most homes.

The full review is available in Dutch here.