SPEKTOR SERIES: " A golden ticket to discover the famous Danish sound"

The DALI SPEKTOR 6 impressed in both stereo and surround setups when Son Video tested the speaker.

The editor of Son-video's blog section, Tristan Jacquel, has been testing the new DALI SPEKTOR series, and with a close look on the DALI SPEKTOR series (1, 2, 6 and VOKAL), he has given their take on both the stereo and surround setups.

They are overall quite excited with the series; the look and sound performance - They are particularly fond of the SPEKTOR 6 which they call “The real star of the show, the DALI SPEKTOR 6 speaker brought the atmosphere in our listening room to a whole new level.”

Here are some take-outs from the review:

  • The small Dali SPEKTOR 1 stands out for its very linear and perfectly balanced sound signature.
  • The Dali SPEKTOR 2 compact speaker delivers a wider sound than its smaller sibling.
  • The Dali SPEKTOR 6 floorstanding speaker brought the atmosphere in our listening room to a whole new level.
  • The Dali SPEKTOR Vokal was clearly designed to offer a rich restitution of the low-medium range.
  • In short, we observed that a home cinema receiver rated under 50 W per channel works really well with these speakers.

The full review is available in English here


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