SPEKTOR 6 Review: "Great sound for the masses!"

SPEKTOR 6 impresses in HifiPiac's test.

The DALI SPEKTOR 6 has been tested by the Hungarian audiophile hi-fi portal, HifiPiac, and they are impressed.

A quote from Hifipaic:

"Among the increasingly higher and higher price tags of quality audio equipments it is very nice to find such high quality equipment or speaker in the entry level price category. As described in the specifications, Spektor 6 inherited many technologies from higher category/range DALI speakers. Its sound quality is really very uniform, direct and sophisticated. On top of that it is independent from different music styles and has some exceptional bass too. Thanks to all of these, it can be successfully applied also in larger spaces. These excellent price / value ratio speakers are ideal for entering the world of quality audio. Despite their entry-level price tag, their owners can expect much more than entry-level sound quality from these speakers."


The DALI SPEKTOR 6 where put to the test with a variety of musical genres - from jazz and classical music to rock - and the SPEKTOR 6 delivered. Hifipiac where especially impressed with the realistic tone from the SPEKTOR 6, with its honest and clean sound, as well as the deep dynamic bass.



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