SPEKTOR 1 + 6: Emotional sophistication

HiFi-Voice has tested the SPEKTOR 1 and SPEKTOR 6, which impresses.

The Czech magazine Hifi-Voice had a close encounter with the SPEKTOR 1 and SPEKTOR 6, and in their view both speaker setups deliver great musicality.

Review summary
When taking a closer look at the SPEKTOR series, Hifi-Voice finds the classical DALI know-how that delivers that special emotional sophistication when it comes to the sound performance.

They find that the SPEKTOR 6 has a powerful and rich bass performance with impressive drama in the “Stairway to the Stars” by Charlie Haden. The midrange is soft, dreamy and very delicate with “Walk on by” by Diana Krall. For the SPEKTOR 1, it especially surprises in the midrange with beautifully focused voices. In this class, the SPEKTOR 1 performs really well and provides its listener with a larger volume, softness and a high level of musicality.

The review of SPEKTOR 6 is available here, and the review of SPEKTOR 1 here (both in Czech).