DALI KATCH: End user reviews via i-fidelity.net

Two i-fidelity.net users has tested the DALI KATCH, which left them positive.

The German hi-fi website, i-fidelity.net, asked two non-audiophile users, who were not familiar with DALI, to test the portable DALI KATCH Bluetooth speaker.

Summary from the two user experiences:

Nadina: For Nadina, DALI was unknown territory, but at first glance the KATCH appealed to her. She told i-fidelity that “[…] it always looks beautiful – like a small design object.” She notices the solid packaging and that the cord of the travel bag matched the colour of the speaker. In correlation to the sound performance, she was amazed: “[…] this sound quality knocked me off. Madness what comes out of this little one.”

Jens: Jens had a similar positive first impression of the DALI KATCH due to the high-quality packaging. And as for the design, he pointed out the elegance of the KATCH: “The solid aluminum case makes a very stable impression, and I like the feel of the control buttons on the top very well.” He further found that the charging function for a smartphone was a really nice feature. When it came to the sound, Jens was really excited: “The space-filling sound of the KATCH is simply great. I use the device to play various audio signals and I am really excited.”

Both user reviews are available in their full length from the i-fidelity.net website (in German).

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