PHANTOM S 5.1: Review by Home Cinema Choice

Premium finish and craftsmanship are some of the words used to describe the PHANTOM S 5.1 setup in the review by Home Cinema Choice.

Mark Craven, reviewer at Home Cinema Choice, has tested a PHANTOM S 5.1 setup in September’s edition of the magazine. The system included a pair of PHANTOM S-280, a pair of PHANTOM S-80, the PHANTOM S-180 as the centre channel and the DALI SUB K-14 F.

First of all, he describes the appearance and build quality of the PHANTOM S-Series: “the Phantoms exhibit a premium finish and premium craftsmanship”.

Whilst testing the film The Impossible, Mark Craven mentions that “The sound is spacious and ever-so crisp. Cracking branches snap with real bite from DALI’s bespoke tweeter array, and placement of effects is impressive, with a sense of vertical expansion as well as width.

Moving on to test the movie Sicario, he highlights that “it’s a dynamic listen, too, with plenty of room between the quietest details and the loudest moments.

Whilst testing the PHANTOM S-280s in a 2.1 setup with music, he describes them as a “hoot” to listen to.

He concludes the review by praising the S-Series: “The Phantoms are a remarkable innovation from DALI – in-wall enclosures that manage to sound as large, as dynamic and as well-defined in imaging terms as traditional models.

The full review is available in the September 2017 issue of Home Cinema Choice.  


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