SPEKTOR 6 - Elegant with carefully crafted details

The Polish Hi-Fi Choice has tested the SPEKTOR 6, which they compliment for its versatility.

The Polish hi-fi magazine, Hi-Fi Choice & Home Cinema, tested the DALI SPEKTOR 6 with different music genres - spanning from Heavy Metal to instrumental Jazz.

The review summed up in a quote:

“The DALI SPEKTOR 6 will surely delight music lovers looking for affordable, but well-made and attractive sounding floorstanding speakers.”
The reviewer from Hi-Fi Choice & Home Cinema praises the SPEKTOR 6 for being versatile in correlation to music genres. It can play hard with Metal, but also subtle and with great finesse in jazz or instrumental music. The SPEKTOR 6 delivers a strong bass and a high level of detail and clarity.

The full review is available here (in Polish).


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