OPTICON 2: A speaker with personality

ON-Mag enjoys the OPTICON 2 with its beautiful sound.

French ON-Mag has tested the DALI OPTICON 2, which they think has “a very serious design that leaves nothing to chance and is able to hold the power without making a false note.”

According to ON-Mag, the sound reproduction has a lot of scale as well as ease. “The sound is beautiful and warm while the voices are clear enough,” they say. Furthermore, they explain that the soundstage has a vast dimension, which exceeds far the frame of what is formed by the speakers.

“The sound is very clean, well placed up to very high levels,” they explain, and they add that they “can ask a lot before finding a trace of saturation or disunity of the tones. This is one of the big strengths of these speakers.” Furthermore, they elaborate that “the sound is not totally neutral; the DALI OPTICON 2 has personality, but applies it with elegance without ever falling into a garish or plump character.”

The review is finished off with the verdict: “… In its category, it remains an interesting choice, very serious and wise.”   

Read the complete review in French here.