OPTICON 1: "Baby Speaker... Big Heart"

The DALI OPTICON 1 impresses Hi-Fi News in their test.

The DALI OPTICON 1 is reviewed by Hi-Fi News in their latest issue and they are impressed by its performance. 

“Don’t be fooled by its diminutive dimensions – this small speaker shows less can mean more." The OPTICONs are praised for an impressive sound from a small cabinet. 

Whilst listening to Daft Punk Get Lucky the reviewer is pleased with what they hear: "The music sounds clean, crisp and focused, with a smooth, light tonal balance.” The speakers continue to impress when listening to Kraftwerk's Europa Endlos: “Where it really flies is with music where the emphasis is on rhythm and dynamics, when it can show off its broad spectrum of capabilities for something so small.”

The review finishes with the verdict: "In practice, it's so likeable the more time you have with it, the more you find it beguiles."

Find the full review in the October issue of Hi-Fi News Magazine.