DALI IO-4 receives 5 stars and an Applause Award from StereoNet

"For its first toe-dip into the headphone market, DALI has produced an impressive pair of headphones" that was the conclusion of British magazine StereoNet after reviewing the DALI IO-4, receiving 5 stars and a Applause Award.

"The DALI iO-4 is currently our go-to full-size Bluetooth headphones and because of that, surely deserve our Applause Award." - That is the conclusion from StereoNet after reviewing the DALI IO-4.

After the officel launch of the DALI IO headphones at IFA Berlin, StereoNet has been testing the DALI IO-4 resulting in a great 5 star review.

The 60 hour battery life impressed the reviewers and so did the IO-4's comfort and durability "We have been wearing the iO-4 consistently for the past few weeks. The DALI headphones have been durable and cope well with being shoved in our bag. Additionally, as well as being resilient, they are also comfortable."

When it came to sound quality the reviewers stated "Some headphones and earphones can be a bit bitey in the upper frequencies to add clarity or accuracy. Thankfully, the DALI's are more laid-back but, without losing precision. Additionally, this lends the iO-4 to being more acceptable on long listening sessions. Those more shimmery headsets can be a tad fatiguing."

The verdict was clear - 5 stars for the DALI IO and an Applause Award.

The full review is available at stereonet.co.uk

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