DALI IO 6 review in Forbes

"If You’ve Been Waiting For An Audiophile Pair Of Noise-Canceling Headphones… Your Wait Is Over" that is the headline of reviewer Mark Sparrow from his DALI IO-6 review in Forbes.

Mark Sparrow, has reviewed the DALI IO-6 for Forbes. A frequent flyer, Mark Sparrow has put the DALI IO to the test, first commenting on the build of the DALI IO stating: "The first thing you notice about the DALI iO-6 is their superb build quality. Like DALI’s extensive range of loudspeakers, these are built to an impeccably high standard"

He also commented on the sound quality of the DALI IO, stating that: "These headphones play the music as it was intended to be heard by the recording engineer and musicians." and that "the DALI iO-6 will deliver faithful reproduction that lets you hear the full spectrum of the sound exactly as it should sound."

Mark Sparrow's thoughts on the bass where also positive: "The bass is reproduced just as it should be and is fulsome as well as detailed. I was listening to some Art Blakey and was blown away by how much detail was in the bass lines, yet never did the bass swamp or bleed over the midrange or crowd out the treble."

And the verdict? "For its first foray into the ANC headphone market, DALI has produced a brilliant pair of headphones that are superb for serving up music just the way it was recorded."

You can read the full review on forbes.com

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