KATCH ONE - "...delivers very good sound"

"The DALI Katch One 2.0 soundbar combines impressive TV sound with an attractive design and multiple color options." Leslie Shapiro starts the review on the KATCH ONE soundbar.

"Stylish and simple, DALI's soundbar ($999) strikes an interesting balance between price and sound quality—it's undeniably pricey, but since the Katch One fulfills the promise of an audiophile loudspeaker, you get what you pay for." is some of the words Leslie Shapiro throws around about the KATCH ONE.

He continues: "With the DALI Katch One, there doesn't need to be any compromise. This is a good-looking system that delivers very good sound and provides stylish mounting options and useful features such as CEC compatibility and auto on/off. It may be pricey, but for me it's worth the added expense."

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