KATCH ONE - The Telegraph "Recommended"

The KATCH ONE is named one of 'the best soundbars for your TV' by The Telegraph and is awarded their "Recommended" product status!

The KATCH ONE features in The Telegraph's latest online article 'the best soundbars for your TV'. The reviewer, Jack Rear, is so impressed with the KATCH ONE that it is at the top of his list and is also awarded a Telegraph "Recommended" status! The article takes a look at the best soundbars currently on the market.

The reviewer is firstly impressed with the KATCH ONE's fuss-free set up: "The Dali Katch One sums up everything a modern speaker is supposed to be. Simply plug it into your TV and with next to no effort, you get a serious upscale in sound quality." He also praises the soundbar's sleek and sophisticated appearance. 

Moving on to sound, the reviewer explains this is the main reason why the KATCH ONE is at the top of his list: "The bass is fantastic, the highs sound bright, and it doesn’t half go loud." ... He continues: "Everything is crisp and detailed, and I was able to pick out plenty of details in my music which weren’t noticeable on other lower quality soundbars."

They round up the review by saying "..this is a solid unit which sounds great and works in a variety of contexts."

You can find the full feature at Telegraph.co.uk


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