"This is a magnificent system" - DALI RUBICON 6 C

The DALI RUBICON 6 C speaker system has been reviewed by Gordon Brockhouse from Soundstage for SoundStage Simplifi.

"With “Roundabout,” from Fragile, Yes’s 1972 breakthrough album (24/96 MQA, Atlantic/Tidal), the DALIs showed that they could deliver both poetry and power. In the quieter moments, the sound of Steve Howe’s acoustic guitar at the center of the soundstage, surrounded by Rick Wakeman’s swirling keyboards, was exquisite: His string harmonics had a beautiful ringing tone, his fingerpicked notes and chords had crisp attacks and extended decays -- and under it all was the rich, woody tone of his instrument’s body."


Gordon Brockhouse ends is review with the conclusion - "I very much enjoyed my time with DALI’s Rubicon 6 C active speakers and the companion Sound Hub and BluOS module. I’ve expressed my admiration for Lenbrook’s BluOS platform in many of the reviews I’ve written for SoundStage! Simplifi, and that admiration has been only reinforced by my experience with the Rubicons and Sound Hub" 

RUBICON 6 C Black Finish
RUBICON 6 C Walnut Finish Grille