RUBICON 6 C - 6 stars and a speciel recommendation

RUBICON 6 C received praise and a speciel recommendation from Danish Magazine Lyd & Billed and reviewer John Alex Hvidlykke after thorough testing.

Danish magazine Lyd & Billed has been testing the DALI RUBICON 6 C with the DALI Sound Hub and after thorough listening sessions the reviewer, John Hvidlykke, was very impressed with DALI’s latest attempt on a high-end active loudspeaker saying: “When it comes to sound, you get full value for your money with the RUBICON 6 C.”

During testing the reviewer stated: “The RUBICON C has an excellent and very precise sound reproduction that is capable of bringing the smallest details from your favorite recordings out in the light.”

“With the RUBICON 6 C DALI has taken a step up when it comes to active speakers. “ that is the final statement by the reviewer and the result is a “special recommendation” and 6 stars from Lyd & Billed.

Read the full review (In danish)

RUBICON 6 C Walnut Finish Grille