Hi-Fi Choice recommendation for DALI RUBICON 2C

The polish online hi-fi magazine HIFI CHOICE, has been testing the DALI RUBICON 2C + SOUNDHUB and awarded the system with their HIFI CHOICE recommendation and 5 out of 5 stars!

The HI-FI Choice find the RUBICON 2C very impressiv where price and quality go hand in hand. Despite the size, there is no doubt about the quality of the sound they deliver and says further about the speaker:

„DALI RUBICON 2C are agile, responding quickly to changing rhythms, offering high level sound control, regardless of the music genre. Both the airy, light and radiant sound of the harpsichord and the powerful jumps of the dynamics in the songs of Mike Oldfield, Vangelis or Tangerine have been reproduced with the same precision.”

And continues with: “These Danish active monitors are able to reliably reproduce all sounds, both instruments and vocals. Moreover, they have mastered the illusion of disappearing from the room, leaving the listener alone with the music.”

You can read the full review (in Polish) at HIFICHOICE.PL

RUBICON 2 C White Finish