DALI IO-6 - "Wireless Headphones for the Apocalypse"

The DALI IO-6 has been tested by ECOUSTICS in a combined review with HIFI Deva. Through the pandemic Ian White have had the chance to experience more than 8 headphones where especially the DALI IO-6 made a big impression.

At first glance the reviewer praises the comfort of the IO's saying "Both headphones look and feel very expensive; the DALI is more compact and will prove more tempting for some due to its closed-back design. It offers an excellent seal and proved to be very comfortable during long listening sessions." 

When it came to the sound experience the reviewer says: "The DALI IO-6 perform exceptionally well as a wireless noise cancelling headphone..., ...The IO-6 will be a better choice if you crave more impactful bass response combined with a warm tonal balance, and slightly laid-back sounding presentation." 

Hifitrends.com wraps up the review with the following conclusion: "If you need a closed-back headphone for work or commuting, the DALI IO-6 is one of the best wireless headphones I have tried so far. It is built well, comfortable to wear for hours, and easy to operate and use. It deserves a serious look from anyone looking at its price level."

You can read the full review on ECOUSTICS