DALI MENUET SE - 6 out of 6 stars!

With 6 out of 6 stars from the French magazine AV Cesar, DALI MENUET SE has in other words delivered another absolutely formidable experience.

Reviewer Par Gwendal Lar from the french  magazin says about the DALI MENUET SE : “As with the Menuets, the most surprising point of the Menuet SE is the remarkable base they offer for speakers of this size. We are once again really amazed ... The bass is very deep, both firm and lively. For the rest of the spectrum, their behavior is still very well balanced. These speakers still have a lot of ease in the midrange and a detail in the treble that combines precision, transparency and softness. “

Further more he describe the sound as: “Overall, the sound benefits from even more finesse and detail offering a natural feel that only the best links in a sound system can deliver.”

And: “(...) we are blown away by the way the DALI MENUET SE are able to fill the space, even at high volume. A real delight.”

Read the full review here (In french)