DALI OBERON 7 - "Three thumbs up!"

The OBERON 7 receives a great review from reviewer and technical writer Gary Alan Barker from the magazine HiFiAudio.Guru.

From the Magazine HiFiAudio.guru the reviewer Gary Alan Barker describes the OBERON 7 experience with these words: "Ok, let’s say you’re on a budget, for both money and space, need audiophile quality sound, but have a post-modern minimalist décor, and were born after say 1990 and therefore don’t have a ton of media lying around and aren’t afraid of modern technology and streaming services, have I got a system for you.

As he continue: "Three boxes, three cables, and a smartphone, and you’re done. Too good to be true? Not on your life, especially when the three companies are DALI Speakers, Bluesound electronics, and Cardas cables."     

At the end he concluded: "They definitely exhibit that Scandinavian sound, accurate, tight, and well-controlled."

You can read the full review on hifiaudio.guru