DALI MENUET SE - "(...) are impressive in many ways.”

DALI MENUET SE receives onces again a great review, this time from the polish magazine AudioVideo.

The polish magazine AudioVideo have reviewed the DALI MENUET SE and given these tiny speakers a great score of 5/5 stars.

“The special edition of these charming minimonitors proves that the "lilliputians" size does not have to contradict the sense of such speakers. MENUET SE are impressive in many ways.”

“The origin of the success is the 100% continuity of the soundstage. There is no artificial separation on the left, right and center side. At the same time there is no lack of depth, width or other, equally obvious, aspects. The space of MENUETs is really fascinating.”

“This well-known and popular project has recently received the special edition - SE. It distinguishes itself not only by its beautiful, lacquered finish, but also by some modification inside. All this wouldn't matter much (...) if it weren't for one "small" difference - the sound quality.”

This review highlights how the DALI MENUET SE punches above its weight.

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DALI MENUET SE Wild Walnut Grille