DALI OBERON C-serie -"It doesn't get any easier than this"

Reviewer Michael Hamers from the Dutch Magazine HIFI.nl compared his passive OBERON 7 loudspeaker with the new DALI OBERON C-series, 7C loudspeaker.

Reviewer Michael Hamers from the Dutch Magazine, HIFI.nl, were impressed after testing the DALI OBERON 7C from the new OBERON C-serie.

After listening to the OBERON 7C to compare with his passive OBERON 7, Michael Hamers states, "And so it turns out, you really don't have to put down any capital to enjoy quality sound. You don't have to undertake an endless search to match the ideal amplifier and ideal speaker. You don't have to worry about speaker cables or power cables. You don't have to worry about a loose streamer or other sources." 

He continuous saying, "You grab your mobile phone, connect to the Sound Hub Compact and listen to music. Or you switch on your TV and you don't even have to grab a remote control other than that of your TV and you enjoy sound that no soundbar can offer you."

Finally Michael Hamers concludes that, "Even the most expensive soundbars, which cost even more than this set, do not bring you the musicality that DALI offers you, and that is because they are really hi-fi worthy speakers, even in the active version.""

You can read the full review (in dutch) on HIFI.nl

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