DALI MENUET SE - Tiny speakers that pack plenty of sonic talent!

DALI MENUET SE receives a fantastic review from the magazine What Hi-Fi? and What Hi-Fi? gives these speakers a great score in rating!

Whathifi.com have reviewed the DALI MENUET SE and given these tiny speakers a great score of 5/5 for sound, 4/5 for compatibility and 5/5 for build.

They say about the speakers: "These Dalis are tiny speakers, and that means bigger alternatives will invariably give more when it comes to low-end muscle, sonic authority and dynamic reach. But, when it comes to detail, agility and dynamic expression, particularly in the midrange, these are as good as it gets for the price."

Even further they say: "These Dalis are dynamic and generate a sense of scale that’s out of keeping with their modest dimensions. They image well, producing an expansive, well-focused soundstage. There’s also a pleasing lack of restraint to the presentation that makes music exciting and entertaining."

And concluded: "If you’re tight for listening space, these Dali Menuet SEs could be the speakers you’ve been waiting for."

This review highlights how the DALI MENUET SE punches above its weight.

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