RUBICON 6C - "Deserves lots of attention"

RUBICON 6C received praise and a speciel recommendation from the Norwegian Magazine Stereo+ and reviewer Håvard Holmedal after thorough testing.

Stereo+ has been testing the DALI RUBICON 6C with the DALI Sound Hub and reviewer, Håvard Holmedal, was very impressed with DALI’s latest attempt on a high-end active loudspeaker after a thorough listening sessions and said: “When it comes to sound, you get full value for your money with the RUBICON 6C.”

During testing the reviewer stated: “It's raw and hard, and the speakers are almost unrecognizable. I can not completely resist the temptation and play both higher and longer than what the health authorities recommend, and I like that. It is still golden clean. The speaker compresses minimally, and the dynamics are incredibly fierce even if you are already playing quite loud in the first place.

“Dali Rubicon 6 C comes with everything you need for electronics for a happy hi-fi existence, and plays fantastic for the price.“ that is the final statement by Stereo+ and the result is a "Deserves lots of attention"

Read the full review (In norwegian)

RUBICON 6 C White Livingroom