"I am really a fan of the DALI IO-6"

With an average rating around 9.3 out 10 given to the DALI IO-6 by reviewer Filip Kenens from AV2D.com the headphones made a new big fan in 2021.

"Are you looking for a compact hi-fi system over your ears with active noise canceling, a stylish design and excellent audio quality? Meet the DALI IO-6." - so does Filip Kenens start his review of the DALI IO-6 with this line.

About the sound quality he says: "A very authentic, full and warm sound. A live experience comes close where every detail comes through. Whether you're listening to a podcast or playing music, the sound stays clean."

Also he describes the performance of using it in everyday life: "What makes the DALI IO-6 even more interesting is that you can use it perfectly multifunctional. Thanks to the built-in microphone, the headphones function via Bluetooth with your smartphone, perfect as a headset. This means that you can easily make a phone call or control a Google Assistant." 

Filip Kenens wraps up the review with the following conclusion: "The sound quality equals a traditional speaker and gives you a very full, pure sound. The DALI IO-6 can certainly compete with the rest of the market. The EISA award is more than justified. Thanks DALI."


You can read the full review on AV2D.com