DALI IO-6 Headphones cancel out the competition

Meet the DALI IO-6 headphones, a pair of wireles Hi-Fi cans that are designed to be worth every penny

Dali’s noise cancellation, meanwhile, is impactful, completely shutting out all noise, whether you’re on the subway or just working at home trying to drown out the kids and the dog. You focus on satisfying, elegant sound, instead. Dali stays with the times, though, and adds what it calls “Transparency” mode, stopping the music and letting you hear everything around you, a sleek addition for airports and train stations.” [nydailynews.com]

“The entire package is well worth your time if you’re looking for some easy listening. Sure, you’ll want your earbuds for the gym, and maybe you’ll want them for quick errands too. But when it’s time to really listen to a song? You’ll want these.” [nydailynews.com]

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DALI IO-6 - Chalk White - chair