StereoNet UK are impressed with the DALI OBERON 1 C & SOUND HUB COMPACT in their recent review.

StereoNet UK review the OBERON 1 C with the SOUND HUB COMPACT, and are impressed with the overall ease of use and their fantastic performace.

Here's what the reviewer, Matthew Jens, had to say: 

"Plug them in, stick them somewhere awkward, and you'll still hear the full range from head to toe – if you pardon the pun!"

"Once I fired my review sample pair up and got them in position, I was struck with how heavy the vocals were hitting in Both sides of a Smile by Dave Ft James Blake. Some very spine-tingling stuff."

"It was time to up the musical pace, with Light Of My Life by Smote. [...] The speaker's driver units had no issues keeping up with the speedy percussion work, delivering it with precise cohesion."

And for the final verdict: "For me, the fine treble performance, connectivity via the Sound Hub and overall ease of use really make this speaker special. Feed it with one of any number of wireless sources, and you're away! Add an active subwoofer to match, and this is all the better."

You can find the full review at stereonet.com/uk

Dali Oberon 1 C Light Oak