A statement of style and power - The first impression of a tiger is its powerful roar, intended to strike fear dep in the heart. But observe the tiger a little longer, and you begin to notice gentler qualities and subtler nuances. You discover that the tiger is more than the roar.

Loud and proud?
When you listen to music and watch movies, something similar happens. At first, we may be bowled over by the roar of a loud and proud home entertainment system. In technical terms, the "roar" is wide dynamic range and high maximum sound pressure level. Both are key elements in recreating the live-ness of recorded music and the impact of movie surround sound. But in the long run, we demand more than the roar for a fully satisfying listening and viewing experience.

Loud and clear!
Fortunately, like the tiger, the DALI Blue Series has much more to offer. Not just loud and proud, but also loud and clear. As one independent audio journal recently described it:

"DALI loudspeakers take your mind off technology and let you focus on the musical experience".

Let the Blue Series' roar reach your ear and enjoy the music!