DALI 350

The DALI 350, an attractive floor-standing loudspeaker finished in real-wood veneer, delivers an unprecedented level of performance for a speaker of such modest dimensions in the key areas of neutrality, musicality, bass and dynamics

Low distortion is a major contributing factor to the smooth full-range performance of the DALI 350. Transients are reproduced cleanly even at low frequencies, while the midrange remains richly detailed and open, with a three-dimensional rendering of the natural recorded space. While it is common knowledge that dome tweeters typically suffer from distortions generated by uncontrolled motion at the diaphragm’s unsupported center, the DALI 350 actually solves this problem by incorporating a cover which eliminates the audible effects of flexing at the dome center.

DALI 350 brochure (PDF)



Product Series DALI 150-850
Speaker Type Front
Cabinet Type Bass Reflex
Crossover Frequency [Hz] 3,000
Nominal impedance [Ω]
System Resonance [Hz] 36.0
Frequency Range [Hz] 42 – 20,000
Recommended Amplifier Power [W] 50 – 150 
Max. Sound Pressure Level [dB] 107
Sensitivity(2.83V / 1 meter) [dB] 86.0
Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm] 880 x 220 x 240
Weight [kg] 26.0