DALI 710

The DALI 710 is and even – handed speaker which reproduces the signal exactly as it is. With equipment of high quality, the DALI 710 offers the opportunity to enjoy new levels of music realism in the home with sweet and open treble, low coloration levels and unrestrained speed and dynamics.

The DALI 710 achieves these goals through the deployment of original DALI technology such as our special low-loss rubber surround and our exclusive Linear Directivity crossover. The lowloss surround enables the units to reproduce the tiny details that are of crucial importance, if the speaker is to visualize a realistic soundstage. The Linear Directivity crossover ensures linear frequency response even at extreme angles off-axis for the optimum speaker/room interface.

DALI 710 brochure (PDF)

DALI 710 manual (PDF)



Product Series DALI 150-850
Speaker Type Front
Cabinet Type Bass reflex
Crossover Frequency 700Hz, 4 kHz, Cone Tweeter Active above 10 kHz
Nominal Impedance [Ω] 8
System Resonance [Hz] 32.0
Freguency Response (+/- 3dB) [Hz] 32 – 30.000 
Continuous Power Handling [W] 120
Peak Power Handling [W] 180 
Sensitivity (2,83V /1m) [dB] 89
Dimensions (H x W x D) 970 x 282 x 340 
Weight [kg] 30.0