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DALI's unique hybrid tweeter module for sparkling, extended high frequencies with remarkable resolution.

Conussen met Houtvezel

De ingesloten houtvezels geven de conus een onregelmatig oppervlaktestructuur, wat de resonantie van het oppervlak dramatisch vermindert. Dit zorgt voor de best mogelijke weergave van ieder detail in het geluidssignaal.

Vergulde Aansluitingen

Door DALI ontworpen voor duurzaamheid, extreem lage contactweerstand en een stevige mechanische constructie.


DALI's crossovers are designed for smooth seamless sound as if everything you hear originated from a single ideal drive unit.


HELICON C200 MK2 center channel loudspeaker is designed to play a leading role in the finest multi-channel audio system. Since most of the dialogue and on-screen effects of any motion picture soundtrack are directed to the center channel, it makes sense to select the best.

Placed beneath the screen (we recommend mounting it directly on top of the HELICON S600 subwoofer), HELICON C200 MK2 generates a soundstage perfectly matched to the onscreen action for a convincing viewing experience.

Magnetically shielded for safe placement close to a television and employing essentially the same driver complement as HELICON 400 MK2, HELICON C200 MK2 takes the drama out of system selection and set-up, while perfectly capturing all the drama of your favourite films.

Instead of using HELICON S600 MK2 as stand for HELICON C200 MK2, a second option is available; a discreet, non-resonant stand. The stand is black, made of aluminum with vibration absorbers made of rubber.


Productserie HELICON MK2
Frequentiebereik (+/- 3 dB) [Hz] 49 - 27,000
Gevoeligheid (2,83 v/1 m) [dB] 90.0
Nominale Impedantie [Ohm] 4
Maximum SPL [dB] 111
Aanbevolen Versrterkervermogen [W] 40 - 250
Overnamefrequentie [Hz] 2,800 / 13,000
Hybride tweeter module, Supertweeter, Aantal 1 x 10 x 55 mm
Hybride tweeter module, Supertweeter, Membraan type Ribbon
Hybride tweeter module, Hogetonen Weergever, Aantal 1 x 25 mm
Hybride tweeter module, Hogetonen Weergever, Membraan Textiel Softdome
Lagetonen Luidspreker, Aantal 2 x 6½"
Type Behuizing Basreflex
Basreflex Afstemfrequentie [Hz] 36.0
Aanbevolen Plaatsing Centre / Soundbar
Boekenplank of Stand
Aanbevolen Afstand Vanaf Wand [cm] Can be placed on S600 MK2
Afmeting Met voet (H x B X D) [mm] 210 x 650 x 495
Meegeleverde Accessoires Handleiding
Gewicht [kg] 18.4