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Extending higher and reaching lower with no less than 24 unique bass and mid-drivers, the DALI MEGALINE is the ultimate solution for low distortion and high dynamic headroom.


The MEGALINE's 6 DALI-developed ribbon tweeters creates a unique extension of the ribbon technology. This ensures a state-of-the-art wide dispersion and supiriour integration with the bass/mid-range drivers.


Deviating from the traditional point-source philosophy, the MEGALINE's line source configuration takes the room out of the equation and delivers extraordinary room-filling audio.


The MEGALINE parts from decades of design conformity. The two speakers form a seamless integration of shape and function, an unapologetically monumental display emphasizing the MEGALINE’s innovative modular construction.

Dynamics and details
The MEGALINE is a reference loudspeaker system capable of reproducing the full dynamics and scale of the live music experience, revealing the subtleties of inner detail, contrast, atmosphere, pace and rhythm, all the essential elements which make recorded music come alive.

The MEGALINE is the result of a radical re-evaluation of the traditional approach to loudspeaker design. Wiping the slate clean DALI’s research and development engineers questioned conventional wisdom and broke new ground on the road to a better understanding of the crucial interaction between loudspeaker, room and listener.

Essentially, the MEGALINE is a two-way loudspeaker, based on a vertical array of bass/midrange units alongside a second array of planar dipole ribbon tweeters. Each array is configured to operate as a single “virtual driver” extending from floor to ceiling.

We chose to use a stacked modular design, based on three identical modules per channel for critical listening.


Conventionally, a loudspeaker is viewed as a point source, radiating sound equally in all directions in the shape of an ever-expanding sphere. Since domestic environments rarely consist of infinite open space, sound will at some point encounter room boundaries: floor, ceiling and walls.

Sound reflected repeatedly by these surfaces will add unwanted out-of-phase components, which become a significant proportion of what is ultimately heard at the listening position. In this way, the listening room itself exerts considerable negative influence on the final listening experience.

In order to take the room out of the equation, a vertical array consisting of a theoretically infinite number of point sources is created. The result is an impressive loudspeaker as regards design, construction, and sound.


Productserie MEGALINE
Frequentiebereik (+/- 3 dB) [Hz] 25 - 22,000
Nominale Impedantie [Ohm] 6
Aanbevolen Versrterkervermogen [W] 100 - 1,000 (2 channels per speaker)
Overnamefrequentie [Hz] 1200 by external active crossover (included)
Hogetonen Weergever, Aantal 15 x 755 mm (3 pr. channel)
Hogetonen Weergever, Type Membraan Polymeer Aluminium
Lagetonen Luidspreker, Aantal 12 x 6½"
Lagetonen Luidspreker, Membraan type Papiervezel Conus
Type Behuizing Basreflex
Basreflex Afstemfrequentie [Hz] 38.5
Aansluiting Ingang Bi-Amping (actief wisselfilter)
Aansluiting Uitgang Stereo Lijnniveau (high pass gefilterd)
Stereo Lijnniveau (low pass gefilterd)
Aanbevolen Plaatsing Vloer
Aanbevolen Afstand Vanaf Wand [cm] 100 < Side wall, Back wall 50 - 200
Max. Stroomverbruik [W] 13
Afmeting Met voet (H x B X D) [mm] 2310 x 365 x 492
Gewicht [kg] 101


MEGALINE-rosenut-finish.png MEGALINE-rosenut-finish.png


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"In the 146th issue of The Absolute Sound (USA), the very well respected mr. Robert E. Greene reviewed the DALI MEGALINE system with great results. Consequently the MEGALINE system got an Editors' Choice Award in the 2004 October/November issue of The Absolute Sound."

The Absolute Sound (US)

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