Designed to disappear in any room, the DALI SWA 8 incorporates an 8" woofer driven by a built-in 120 Watts power amplifier based on fully discrete circuitry.

Striking an ideal balance between compact size and powerful deep bass, the impressive DALI SWA 8 powered subwoofer offers deep bass reinforcement for music and surround at a very affordable price.

SWA 8 SUB is developed, designed, hand-built, assembled and individually tested at the DALI factory in Denmark.

DALI SWA 8 manual (PDF)



Product Series SWA
Speaker Type Subwoofer
Design Principle Active (Build-in Integrated Amplifier and Crossover) Sealed enclosure
Bass Driver 8", 4 ohm, air-dried pulp cone, dual magnets, video shielding.
Amplifier power 120 Watt RMS. Build-in subsonic filter. Protected against minor, brief overload situations.
Inputs Fully Balanced Stereo Speaker Level - Input Impedance: 1.0k  
Stereo Line Level RCA Phono - Input Impedance: 15.0k  
Automatic Summation of all Inputs
Outputs Fully Balanced Stereo Speaker
1st Order Crossover Stereo Line Level
2nd Order 150 Hz Highpass Crossover
Output impedance 200 [Ω]
Controls Volume Level
Lowpass Crossover (50-150Hz)
Polarity (0⁰ eller 180⁰)
Frequency Response [Hz] 30 - 150 (Variable Crossover)
Max. SPL [dB] 107
Power Consumption 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, Max. 260 W
120 VAC, 50-60 Hz, Max. 260 W
Dimensions [mm] 352 x 291 x 350
Weight ex. Packing [kg] 15.6 
Finish Black Ash