Music comes out of anything, anywhere, at any time. When doing the laundry. Or skateboarding. Or from sounds or people, according to Icelandic Júníus Meyvant. We had a talk with the talented young musician about music and sounds at any time, anywhere.


Music is not just music. The inspiration for creating good music can arrive in any situation or from all areas of the human world – such as arts, films, nature, people, science, politics or just a flash, as it is stated by many a musician throughout this Music Room. And Júníus Meyvant is no exception.

The young Icelandic musician describes his own music as a mixture of folk soul and cinematic music. He had a minor hit with the song “Color Decay” and underlines just how everyday the circumstances were when he wrote it:

Landry, skateboarding, people and sounds
- I was doing laundry when I wrote “Color Decay” – and the song “Hailslide” was written in the snow while I was skateboarding. “Color Decay” is about living in this second. Not living for yesterday or tomorrow, it’s all about the NOW. While “Hailslide” is about living in harmony with everything. Being at the right place physically and mentally. How it gives you better balance in your everyday walk.

Likewise: Although he grew up in the unique, magnificent nature and atmosphere of Iceland, the songs don’t always find their way through intense or grand impressions of nature:

- I would say that people from Iceland give me more inspiration than the nature of Iceland. But sometimes nature does give you sudden ideas and feelings, Júníus Meyvant explains, and continues:

- In fact, sudden sounds inspire me more than music and concepts.

The three ingredients
Still, a few significant, lasting ingredients are crucial to a good, strong song. When asked what he believes to be the three most important substances of a good piece of music, he doesn’t hesitate:

- Melody. Sound. Attitude, he states briefly and concise – and then mentions three classic rock songs that contains these qualities as three songs he would like to have written himself:

- Sam Cooke: “Change is Gonna Come”, The Rolling Stones: “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”, and Howlin’ Wolf: “Back Door Man”.

Sound with character
There is definitely attitude and hook-lines to these songs, and there is character – which is something Júníus Meyvant appreciates in his own music gear as well:

- I own an old loudspeaker set and a Telefunken amp that I use. I like that sound. Not the clearest sound in the world – but it has character, he notes.

It’s no secret that Júníus Meyvant is out there along with a lot of other talented young and older artists, all striving and struggling to make their mark on the music scene. Competition is hard, and a new digitalized age didn’t make it easier – up until now – to stand out from the crowd. Yet, he isn’t really worried, looking ahead:

- I think the publicity is better nowadays because of the Internet. And I think that people will find a way to pay rather than steal online in the future, he says confidently.

A lot of stuff coming up
Júníus Meyvant is busy in the wake of the success of his EP from 2015 including the song "Color Decay". Although he’s enjoying a quiet moment looking at the sea, eating pizza, while the snow falls outside his living room window as we talk to him, a lot of new things are set to happen this year:

- The album will be out this year. There are a few concerts during the summer, and we plan on touring sometime in the fall. A lot of stuff going on!, he concludes.

No more words. Hear the melody, the sounds, the attitude. Go to a concert with Júníus Meyvant or take a listen to his songs at home. Whether you’re skateboarding or just doing the laundry. Music can happen to anyone, everywhere, at any time.

Find more at www.juniusmeyvant.com

- Rune H. Jensen, rhj@dali.dk