Dreamers’ Circus

Dreamer’s Circus is a Danish folk group, which was formed in 2009. They met by chance during a folk festival in Copenhagen. Ale and Rune were standing in the corner of a pub jamming some folk tunes. Nikolaj just came in, sat at the piano and began to play along. The three of us ended up playing together all through the night. And since then they have worked hard on creating and playing music.

Dreamers’ Circus – Casper (Ale Carr)

Musicians: Cittern: Ale Carr, Accordion/Synthesizers: Nikolaj Busk, Violin: Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen
More about Dreamers’ Circus: Dreamerscircus.com | Facebook page  | Instagram profile | YouTube channel
Published by Dreamers’ Circus BIEM/NCB


All three members of Dreamers’ Circus have grown up with Danish and Scandinavian traditional music which still serves as an inspiration and jumping off point for us as we create our own compositions today.

While we enjoy playing older folk tunes handed down over the generations we more and more look to write our own music, drawing from a wide range of influences and traditions.

For this DALI project we wanted to contribute a new tune that we hope conveys happiness, dynamism and a freedom of spirit that seems to be a particular preserve of young people. This tune is named for and dedicated to Ale’s son, Casper.

Recorded at Medley Studios 16.01.18: Desk SSL9000j, FIDDLE: Bruel & Kjær 4011, M49, ambience stereo pair 4006 Bruel & Kjær. CITTERN: Bruel & Kjær 4011, U47 FET. HARMONIUM: M49 (center), Bruel & Kjær 4011 stereo pair.
Mixing: Desk SSL9000j. Master: Neve 33655, Pultec EQP-1A3 stereo pair.

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