Jakob Dinesen

Jacob Dinesen’s music career started a decade ago, when he received his first guitar at Christmas. Drawing inspiration from Bruce Springsteen, Allan Taylor, Frank Zappa, Van Morrison and Dougie Maclean, the young song-writer has his musical foundation in the folk and rock genre.

Jakob Dinesen – Dancing Devil (Jakob Dinesen, Lyrics by Jakob Dinesen/Allan Taylor)

Publisher: Misty Music
Jacob Dinesen Band: Acoustic guitar/lead vocal: Jacob Dinesen, Bass/backing vocals: Jens Pilgaard, Electric guitar/backing vocals: Rasmus Rydahl, Drums; Jonas Sandbjerg Hansen
Label: reorecords.dk
Management: heartbeatmusic.dk
More about Jacob Dinesen: Jacobdinesen.com | Facebook page | YouTube channel | Instagram


“Dancing Devil” is my lovable monster. At least that is what I call it.

It’s a song I have always dreamed of re-recording, because it is constantly evolving in my mind.

When you write and record a song, there is the temptation to look at it as a closed and finished project.

But, in fact, it is a song I’m still working on seven years after I recorded it. I’m still changing the lyrics, still revising the chords and the arrangement. It is a song that is never finished to me.

That’s why it was a great opportunity to re-visit it for the DALI CD/LP. I hope you all like it and I’m very excited to hear what it sounds like in another seven years.

Recorded in Medley Studios 1/2.09.17: Desk SSL9000j, BD Neumann U47, KICK Electro Voice RE-20, SN Sennheiser 421, SN2 AKG C460 B, HH Bruel & Kjar 4011, TAM1 Sennheiser 421, TAM2 Sennheiser 421, KIT SM57, OH Bruel & Kjar 4011 stereo, AMBIENCE Bruel & Kjar 4006 stereo, GUITAR: VOX AMP U47 fet / SM57, VOCAL: U89.
Mixing: Desk SSL9000j, Vocal: Tubetech C1, Pultec EQP-1A, dbx 900 deess. Master: Neve 33655, Pultec EQP-1A3 stereo pair, Otari MTR 12 2 track tape machine.