Karin Åsheim - OPTICON 6

I really enjoy various Chill out [music] when I`m in need of stress release, and melodious rock and hard rock when I feel like stepping the energy up a little. I prefer vinyl because the sound is much more vibrant and "alive".

Name: Karin Åsheim

Country: Norway

Instagram handle: @iamkarinelisabeth

Speakers: DALI OPTICON 6

Music: Karin's playlist (on Tidal)


Line of work/study:
Store manager.

How do you listen to music in your everyday life?
At home, or in my car (I've spent some serious energy and hours on my car stereo as well...).

When/how did your interest for hi-fi begin?
In the early nineties, when I was a member of Hi-Fi Klubben.

Do you prefer: CD, vinyl or digital?
I prefer vinyl, because the sound is much more vibrant and "alive".

Why do you think that there isn’t that many women represented in the audiophile world?
I really don`t have a good answer to that, but I think it could be related to the gender stereotype, like it`s more "manly" to be technical wired. But on the other hand, we all have ears, and most of us enjoy listening to good music with good sound, so I guess it comes down to different priorities. And maybe economy, since it`s a proven fact that women earn a little less than men? And good sound is more expensive than cheap shit. Maybe I had a good answer after all..? :)

Which track will always wake a feeling in you?
Fordi Eg Elskar Deg with the Norwegian singer Ingebjørg Bratland can bring tears in my eyes, because it is about endless unconditional love, and Dusty Blue with Charles Bradley brings a feeling of strength and happy energy.

How/where do you discover new music and artists?
Radio, Facebook links, and others.

DALI OPTICON 6 at Karin Åsheim

The last two records that you have bought?
The last two albums I bought was Queensrÿche`s Condition Hüman and Joe Satriani`s Shockwave Supernova.

Is there an artist, genre or period that you are particular fond of?
I really enjoy various 'Chill out' when I`m in need of stress release, and melodious rock and hard rock when I feel like stepping the energy up a little.

Which records/artists are the pride of your collection?
Joe Satriani, Threshold, Queensrÿche, Toto, Circus Maximus, Hoobastank, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Carpark North and more.  Don`t get me started... I love music!

Karin Åsheim with the DALI OPTICON 6's

What has been your best live concert experience?
Dream Theater in Oslo Spectrum in 2001 (I think?) and in Tromsø at Buktafestivalen 2015, and AC/DC in Amsterdam Arena in 2009. The first two, because they are my all time favourite, and the latter because it was a surprise gift from me to someone, who has always loved AC/DC, but never had the chance to see them live.

What made you choose DALI speakers for your home stereo?
Because they have an awesome sound for the price, they fit perfectly to both smaller and bigger rooms, and yes, they look good too. People wonder where the extra sub woofer is hidden, which says a lot. With quality speakers you don`t need a sub.

What would be the ultimate playlist for your DALI speakers? 
1) Toto - Chinatown
2) Charles Bradley - Dusty Blue
3) Joe Satriani - Why
4) Carpark North - Shall We Be Grateful
5) Pendulum - Girl In The Fire, Streamline
6) Prem Joshua - Luminous Secrets
7) Gojira - Silvera (and most of the 2016 album..!)
8) Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime

And many many more..

Karin's playlist on Tidal in its full length


Photo credit: Karin Åsheim