New remote control for the KUBIK ONE

The prestigious British hi-fi magazine, WHAT HI-FI?, has reviewed the DALI KUBIK ONE in the December 2014 issue. With a top score in all three categories (“sound”, “features”, “build”), the KUBIK ONE was labeled as the overall test winner with five fantastic stars.

The KUBIK ONE has dazzled its listeners, however, the only slightly negative comment referred to the remote control in an inexpensive looking plastic housing.

We’ve chosen to listen to the small critique and we’ve right away decided to offer a new replacement remote in much better (aluminium) build quality - free of charge - to all existing owners of a KUBIK ONE - once it is available within the next couple of months.

Please fill out the form on our KUBIK microsite with your contact details and serial number, and we will send a replacement free of charge.

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