Get behind the scenes

Get behind the scenes with WHAT HI-FI? India, who recently visited the DALI headquarters.

WHAT HI-FI? India recently got a grand tour of the DALI headquarters and factory in Denmark, where they experienced “an infectious passion for relaxed perfection in everyone you encounter within the building. It’s the kind of atmosphere that breeds great products, not timelines.”

During their visit at the headquarters they got to experience a real DALI listening experience and building a DALI speaker.

They also talked to DALI CEO Lars Worre, who explained the advantages of keeping manufacturing at the factory in Denmark: “We gain advantages in quality, flexibility and in the sense that all the inevitable questions, doubts and recalibrations of all kinds can be done in close collaboration with the R&D department. That is something we find crucial for quality loudspeaker manufacturing. At the same time it is often overlooked how much effect this has on the quality of work preparation from R&D itself as well.”

Follow WHAT HI-FI? India on their tour of the factory and read the interview Lars Worre here (PDF).