Behind the scenes of the DALI CD, Vol. 5

Follow us behind the scenes and see how the latest DALI album came to life.

The video below is the 'behind the scenes' documentary about the making of the DALI CD Vol. 5, which was recorded at the Medley Studios in Copenhagen.

The audiophile CD features 17 tracks from as many Danish artists and groups. Including such artists as Hush, Oh Land, Dúné, Jacob Bellens, Jakob Dinesen, Thorbjørn Risager, Erann DD and many more.

Our goal with this album is to produce an album of high quality sound that uses as little compression as possible.

Compression technologies are getting increasingly advanced along with the increased use of microscopic loudspeaker systems in headphones, tables and PC. This means that producing quality sound no longer matters in the music industry. Instead sound is getting more and more compressed and loud. However, studio engineers are actually taking less and less pride and pleasure in producing quality sound because it does not matter anymore. Our goal is therefore to turn this trend around.

As always, the purpose of this release is to offer a wide ranging selection of music, which can inspire music lovers to take more pleasure in repeated listening to fine performances and outstanding sound production.

Read more about the tracks, the artists and the compilation here, watch the video on our YouTube channel here, and buy the CD at the DALI Music Store here.