Introducing the DALI OBERON series!

IFA 2018 marks the world premiere of our brand new DALI OBERON, which brings the prefect musical reproduction to a wider audience.

We are happy to announce the launch of our brand new loudspeaker series, the DALI OBERON, which has its world premiere at the coming week's IFA 2018 show in Berlin.

The DALI OBERON speaker series builds on all the wisdom we have gathered over the last 35 years, making it a breakthrough in its class.

With this series, we are making audiophile sound affordable, and we are realizing our mission of bringing perfect musical reproduction to a much wider audience. This is possible because we have achieved to incorporate DALI’s patented SMC technology for the first time in an entry-level speaker, which allows us to reduce non-linear magnetic distortion drastically.

The DALI OBERON series is a new benchmark for affordable audiophile loudspeakers, and it features six speakers; OBERON 7, OBERON 5, OBERON 3, OBERON 1, OBERON ON-WALL and OBERON VOKAL.

The IFA 2018 show marks the world premiere of the DALI OBERON series. Join us at our stand from today and experience the DALI OBERON series up close. We will be demoing on the OBERON ON-WALL.

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