In the 146th issue of The Absolute Sound (USA), the very well respected mr. Robert E. Greene reviewed the DALI MEGALINE system with great results. Consequently the MEGALINE system got an Editors' Choice Award in the 2004 October/November issue of The Absolute Sound.

A few excerpts from The Absolute Sound:

"This large, elegant speaker offers an all but unique combination of virtues - power and scale on one hand and purity and resolution on the other, with distortion lower than electrostatics and a dynamic capacity no electrostatic ever dreamed of."

"Together with ribbon tweeters that go on seemingly forever, bass that extends solidly down to well below the bottom of the orchestral range and an even tonal balance, the MEGALINEs make for the most convincing reproduction of orchestral music REG has encountered. They also reproduce more intimate music superbly."