DALI MENTOR 5 Highly Recommended in the US.

DALI MENTOR 5 has been reviewed by Sean Fowler at “Affordable Audio”, an American internet magazine. Sean Fowler is very detailed in his analyses, although unfortunately he did not catch the fact that the DALI MENTOR series drivers are DALI’s own drivers

Please find a few quotes from the review below:

“The MENTOR 5’s character can easily be summarized as immediate, articulate and dynamic”
“After all, that sort of performance is usually reserved for large boxes. Yet here sits the little MENTOR 5, the little engine that can, churning out full bodied performance that gives the illusion of a much larger speaker at play.”

“The MENTOR 5 is for anyone who thirsts for a loudspeaker with a small footprint that can place the artist in the listening room. In addition to retaining outstanding musical chops, the MENTOR 5 is also able to integrate well into nearly any casual listening space. Combine these attributes with the MENTOR 5’s uncommon tapestry of authentic craftsmanship and raw musical prowess and you’ve got the thing true value is made of. For the money, the MENTOR 5 is a wonderful accomplishment that makes true high end performance accessible to anyone who survives on a working man’s budget. Highly recommended!"